Network Forensics Puzzle 2012

Agent Connie Catcher (C.C.) was working on a secret assignment for the agency, but has suddenly disappeared. Two agents were sent to check up on C.C. at the remote site, but when they arrive there is no sign of her. The agents believe she may have been kidnapped, but there is no evidence of her whereabouts. The only hope of finding her now is to review and analyze all of the network traffic captures created while she inhabited the remote site. The agency has hired you as a forensic investigator to investigate the disappearance of Agent Connie Catcher, and find out what has become of her. Can you help the agency locate Agent C.C.?


This puzzle gets progressively more difficult, making it an excellent challenge for a seasoned network forensics analyst as well as a great learning tool for a beginner. Solutions are posted on our website, The puzzle is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. All you need is Truecrypt and Wireshark to get started. A list of passwords to unlock the Truecrypt volumes is enclosed.